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Stuff to read and listen to

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I have read and listened to some really good stuff lately and I do not want to keep it to myself! So here are some recommendations for things to keep you engaged during these lovely winter months. (I really do like winter – maybe I keep better in the cold.)


Aging with Grace by Susan Hunt and Sharon Betters

Aging with GraceI look around at ECC and I see women who are so strong in the Lord, who walk with Him so faithfully through all kinds of struggles and want to be like them.  While spending time with these saints is the best way to learn how they have learned to depend on the Lord during their lives, this book is helping me to see that this is a process that started a long time ago and will continue as long as I live. I recommend this for all ages of women - we are ALL aging!


Streams of Mercy by Barbara Duguid

Streams of MercyI have been using this book during our Women’s Prayer Gatherings to lead us in a time of confession, and I have used in my own quiet times as well.  Sometimes it helps to focus my own confession using someone else’s words that echo my own heart – and these prayers really do echo mine.                                                                                                                                                                                          


 None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

None like himI just finished reading this book with a friend (a practice I highly recommend!), and I have come away with a new appreciation for the incommunicable attributes of God – those attributes that we do not share with God, like His Omnipotence, His self-existence and His incomprehensibility. Jen’s style is so friendly and helpful in bringing this attributes to life in ways that expanded my understanding of who God is and how these attributes really do make a difference in my life.



Two podcasts have stood out to me in the past few months and I am eager to share them with you!

Journeywomen, with Hunter Beless

JourneywomenOn this podcast, Hunter interviews guests like Susan Hunt, Gloria Furman, Alasdair Groves, Michael Kruger, and Ligon Duncan to bring theology to life. I have really enjoyed every episode I have listened to. Relational brokenness, hardship and need, pain and illness, persevering in ministry, theology in life and grieving in hope are some of the topics over the past few months. 


Let’s Talk with Melissa Kruger, Jackie Hill Perry and Jasmine Holmes

let's talkYou might recognize the name Jasmine Holmes as the author of the last book we did in Book Club, Mother to Son. These three women are back for Season 2 of this podcast, so you now have more episodes to look forward to. I just listened to the first episode of this season today and loved hearing who their spiritual heroes are, and how they even define a spiritual hero – is it someone who has never done anything wrong? These three friends are fun and deep and really make me think.  I hope you enjoy their conversations as much as I do!


I think that’s enough for one blog.  I also listen to podcasts about knitting and weaving, so if you want to know about those, just let me know.  I still listen to The World and Everything In It, and it’s related podcast, Legal Docket, from World Magazine almost daily and highly recommend it as an antidote to network news.


Happy reading and listening!