Until further notice, all church sponsored services and activities requiring a physical presence are cancelled to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

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Summer Sunday Mornings, revisited

 So, we are not having Sunday School this summer. If you are honest, you will probably admit that your first thought on hearing this was "YES! I can sleep in!".  But hopefully your next thought was, "OK, I can use that time for something really good".  I hope to present you with some ideas to make that second thing happen. Read on....

The first idea is an oldie by a goodie.  Family worship.  If you are already doing this, now you have Sunday mornings for perhaps a longer time together, doing whatever you are already doing. If you have not gotten around to doing family worship (and I don't mean this just for families with children - family worship is for ALL families!), this is your bright opportunity to start!  It will prepare your heart to hear God's Word and to worship Him wholeheartedly as a family.  It will help if you start it off with a delicious breakfast - simple, but delicious.  Just sayin'......

Here are some great resources for this family worship time: For everyone, Michael has written a couple of blogs recently that will help you get started with a simple way of doing family devotions - you can find those here and here.  For families, Old Story New or Long Story Short are great 10-15 minute devotions for all ages. If you don't already have a copy, ask me and I'll give you one - I have plenty in stock. 

Read the Psalms, as recommended recently by Michael in Sunday School.  Tim Keller's new devotional on the Psalms could be helpful, or try Donald Whitney'sbook Praying the Bible.  Do the simple thing and choose a book of the Bible the family would like to read together and just read a few verses or a paragraph each Sunday morning and talk about them.  Or even better, read the verses in Colossians just after whatever Rich preached on the previous Sunday and talk about them. For families with children, this will help them recognize words in the Scripture passage when they hear them again during the worship service.  You do not need to be a Biblical scholar to talk about these things with your family.  You don't need to come up with some sort of major life lesson from every reading.  It is sufficient to let God's Word get into our minds and hearts as we meditate on them out loud with one another, letting the Word change us from the inside out.

If you choose to sing together, there is a great new hymnal out there called Hymns of Grace.  I have a few copies in my office I would be happy to loan you for a trial run.  Of course you also have the ECC Family Hymnal available - if you do not have a copy in your home and would like one, just ask me.

That's enough for one blog.  Submerge yourself (yes, this IS a reference to this year's Backyard Kids Club) in God's Word this summer as a family or as an individual or with a friend or two.  On Sunday mornings, or Saturday evenings. But, as Michael encouraged us, use this summer intentionally to feed on the Word and grow in Him.  You will not be sorry.