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The Forty Day Prayer Covenant Follow-up

Pastor Briefing
May 6, 2015

By now, most of you have completed your 40 Day Prayer commitments. I, personally, felt very good about the 40 Day Prayer Covenant preaching series. Based on your feedback, I believe there has been more prayer among our congregation than ever before. I hope that you have experienced personal renewal through it. I know I have!

I would encourage you to enter into new prayer covenants with others. Part of the power of participating in a prayer covenant is that it builds accountability into our prayer lives. I know that for myself, the prayer covenant has made me accountable to pray daily for more individuals and families than ever before. It is a simple way of invigorating our prayer lives so that we might enjoy more of God’s power, grow in His wisdom, and bless others through our prayers. We don’t stress the elemental nature of prayer for growth and grace in our lives as much as we should.

Perhaps this time around you’ll consider entering into a prayer covenant with a child, or a co-worker, a neighbor, or all three. Again, the goal is to pray the entire prayer for yourself, and then pray for your partner(s) including 1 or more of the lines from the prayer covenant every day.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Rich

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