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The Joy of Christmas

McEnaney Family Christmas 2019

The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and goods news refreshes the bones. (Proverbs 15:30) 

Having small children at Christmas is a tremendous blessing.

I was asked recently what I got for Christmas, and I did not have a ready answer.  As I get older, it becomes harder to be surprised by gifts as we typically buy things as we need them and/or they go on sale.  After contemplating this question further, it became apparent that I thoroughly enjoy finding and giving presents to my children.

The light in their eyes and the joy they experience when receiving gifts is quite a gift to me.  The correlation to God’s gift to us at Christmas is almost unmistakable.  Knowing that God wants us to receive the joy that his Son gives us and he in turn is joyful, added a somewhat simple but meaningful layer to my understanding of God’s gift.

It is remarkable how much growth one can see and feel when watching and/or raising children through out the Christmas season.  I feel truly blessed and look forward to many more lessons as my children grow older

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