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When God Allows You to Walk through an Experience


Pure and simple, I have a passion for helping the poor, downtrodden and underprivileged.  I become energized when God gives me new ways of thinking of how to encourage others, especially those who are disadvantaged. 

He gave me a deaf ear, why?  Probably so I could become more empathetic to those who are deaf, blind or otherwise disabled in some way.  It gives me insight into what it is like to be impaired and the grace and encouragement to love those who are not perfect.

He allowed me to be raised in very poor conditions, why?  Mainly so I would become totally dependent on him for everything.  It gives me the child-like faith to pray for the simplest of things that I need, knowing that He provides all I need, especially His grace.

If your desire and passion is to help others, and you would like to do so locally, I would encourage you to take advantage of some simple opportunities through the Mt. Healthy North Elementary School, right across the driveway from our church.

Just last month we provided a picnic lunch for the 100 member staff at the school.  Our intent was not just to feed them a fun lunch on their last day of school, but to encourage them and recognize their efforts and show them love and support. 

IMG_0027 IMG_0008

Pastor Rich with the Principal of Mt. Healthy North Elementary

In August we will be collecting school supplies for their students who are on 100% free lunch and subsidy.  At their Open House we will be going to give away those supplies and offer Bibles and other resource materials to their parents.

In September we will be providing a Welcome Back Breakfast to their staff to jump start their year and remind them that we pray for them and love them.

On the first Friday of October, November and December, we will offer our Donut Drive-Thru.  The employees of the school are invited to drive-thru our canopy, get a free donut, a cup of coffee and lots of well-wishes.

My point is this: when God allows us the privilege of walking through difficult situations, we need to take a moment and see how those experiences may be used to help others.  It is all through the Holy Spirit that we can take advantage of those opportunities to enable us to bring glory and honor to the Lord.

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I am looking forward to the fall opportunities for supporting Mount Healthy North!

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