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Why go to Worship every week?

I did not feel like going to church last Sunday. OK, I said it.  I felt pretty awful because of 24 hours of high blood sugars that I could not bring down despite doing everything I knew to do.  I knew it would be a struggle to get through the morning. I just wanted to stay in bed.  But I went.

And it was a struggle.  I could not stand for all of the singing because I just felt worse when I stood up. I could not fully focus.  But.  I needed to be there. I needed to hear the praises of the people of God all around me, reminding me of the truths I was forgetting.  I needed the encouragement of others who noticed my struggle and came alongside me.  I needed to be in the presence of God who loves me no matter how unloved I might be feeling at the time. I needed to repent of my unbelief in His goodness and grace to me in all circumstances.

We need corporate worship. I am thankful for days like this past Sunday to remind me that not only am I commanded to worship with my brothers and sisters (Hebrews 10:24-25) I need to worship with my brothers and sisters.  While worship is centered on God, there are definite ways that it is good for us too.  I was greatly encouraged by all that happened during that precious hour.  Despite my foggy brain, I realized that each Sunday is another part of my preparation for eternal worship in heaven, even as it is good for me now, here on earth. 

I commend an article from last month's Tabletalk to you - on page 66, there is an article called Attending Corporate Worship.  Here is a link to it:  I happened to read this article on Monday morning, one of those remarkable providences that reinforced what I had already been thinking on Sunday about worship.  Jared Wilson says it better than I can, but I was encouraged that I was on the right track about needing to worship, without making it 'all about me'.  Our worship must be God centered, but it also feeds my soul, and energizes me for the coming week.  I don't know about you but I sure need that on a regular basis.

There will be other Sundays when I am more able to encourage and build up my brothers and sisters as they did for me this past week.  That is what body life is all about. Let's renew our commitments to care for each other as we worship together.  I am grateful for the community at ECC that so graciously builds me up when I am down.  May we all have the eyes to see and the hearts to draw near to those whom God brings into our lives to build up. On Sunday mornings, or on any day of the week.